Pup & Co.

About Us

I don’t remember when Pup was first created.  It must have been some time during college when I was studying engineering.  I began drawing this purple rhinoceros when I was happy and also when I was sad.  I named the purple rhino Pup, my little sister’s childhood nickname.  Pup soon had a friend, a lumpy crocodile that accompanied Pup everywhere.  I named the crocodile Mic, my own nickname.  It seemed fitting since my little sister and I were as inseparable in real life as these characters were on paper.  Over the years, new characters were developed, and Pup and Mic eventually turned into Pup and company.  One day I was watercoloring a birthday card when my little sister announced she was going to start a business to sell my cards.  Not taking her too seriously, I agreed to do the artwork.  Shortly thereafter, she started Pup & Co. and began ordering supplies, so I decided I better start illustrating some cards.  I’m glad she made this decision.  The pockets of time I spend creating these characters on paper transport me back to my childhood – everything becomes simple, and I’m left with only the joy and awe of being immersed in the wonders of this world.  I hope you enjoy sending and receiving these cards as much as I’ve enjoyed illustrating them for you.

        - Mic